Wyandotte Nation 477 Program

Wyandotte Nation provides services under Public Law 102-477, which allows us to combine certain formula-funded federal grants into a single plan.

Our goal is to create safe and stable families, raise educational achievement, develop and enhance employment opportunities, integrate employment and training services, and increase self-sufficiency.

Wyandotte Nation provides services for job training and work experience as well as educational assistance.

We provide financial assistance for classroom training, vocational training, and other job readiness services.

Wyandotte Nation also provides funding assistance to our Native American community in order to increase the availability, affordability, and quality of childcare services. Each family is able to select an approved childcare provider that fits their needs, which allows families to maintain or achieve self-sufficiency through work or education.

We provide a childcare subsidy for eligible families that meet income guidelines based on their family size. Parents are responsible for a copay to the day care and the tribe covers the remaining childcare costs.

Service Area Map (click on image to view larger version):

See the 477 Brochure for more information (click on image):


Eligibility Requirements

  1. Complete, signed, and dated application;
  2. Member of a Federally Recognized Tribe;
  3. Selective Service Registration Card (if applicable); and
  4. Proof of Residency in Service Area.


477 Program Forms (click to view & download form):



Required Documents Include:

  1. Driver’s License;
  2. Social Security Card;
  3. Financial Aid Needs Analysis;
  4. Personal Statement for Service; and
  5. FAFSA Report.

Additional Required Documents Include:

  1. Social Security Card (all household members);
  2. Birth Certificate of Children in Day Care;
  3. Verification of Income; and
  4. Class schedule, if attending classes.


For more information:

Please contact our staff or visit during office hours Monday – Thursday from 8 am – 4:30 pm and Friday from 8 am – 3:30 pm.

Wyandotte Nation is closed on Saturday, Sunday, and Federal Holidays.


Contact Information:

Wyandotte Nation 477 Program

Address: 64790 East Highway 60 Wyandotte, OK 74370-2098

Email: wn477@wyandotte-nation.org

Phone: 918-678-3268

FAX: 918-678-3087

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