Members Only Access

Due to the large number of tribal citizens, anyone desiring admittance will be added only upon request to the “Citizens” only area. To be added click here, and then provide your name and tribal roll number (if known) with a request for member’s only admission. This service is only available for citizens of the Wyandotte Nation; each request will be verified for citizenship status. Requests will be processed as soon as possible, please allow up to (3) three business days.

Once you have received your username and password you may “log-in” under the Login tab located on the right side of the screen. Under the Turtle Blogs tab you will see selections such as “Services,” and “Narratives,” these categories are designated for citizens only, and will always show a visible count; however, only after logging-in will their content become available.

After you have logged-in please verify your e-mail address and ensure it is correct. As long as you keep your e-mail address valid, if needed, we can now easily send messages, news or special requests through the “engine” built inside our website. Plus, if you ever loose your password you can easily have it sent to you automatically. But, in order for this to happen the e-mail address must be current and valid.

To subscribe to our RSS news feed paste the URL below in your preferred RSS reader, and it will automatically display any new news when posted. You may also subscribe to the feed directly on your PC or Mac by adding the feed direct, and following the online instructions, after clicking the RSS feed icon.


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