Tribal Scholarships

Undergraduate Scholarships are awarded to enrolled Wyandotte Tribal members who are attending or will be attending an accredited college or university. The full time student scholarships are in the amount of $2500.00 per semester, renewable for a total of eight semesters; providing the student continues to meet the guidelines set up by the Education Committee. Wyandotte Nation Undegraduate Scholarship

Masters Scholarships are available to enrolled Wyandotte Tribal members who have completed a bachelors degree and are pursuing a more advanced degree. This program has a four semester life span with $1500.00 awarded per semester effective January 2015. Wyandotte Nation Masters Program

Adult Vocational Training
AVT assists income qualified students in attending technical schools where the participants will be job ready in two years. Vocational Training Application

Adult Education
This program is available to tribal members who wish to upgrade or learn new skills to assist in obtaining better job opportunities.

Basic Library Program
Funded by the Department of Education the purpose of this project is to provide basic library services such as purchasing books and other library materials. The library now has a fully equipped computer lab with seven workstations that are Internet accessible and open to the public.

The Preschool Program has received national recognition as one of the best preschool programs in the country. In addition, the Office of Indian Education chose the preschool to be a 1995 Showcase winner. Preschool education is provided to 80 children on an annual basis. The children are given an early start in education efforts by learning academic, social, and recreational skills. Since the inception of this program, the children who graduate from the preschool have excelled in their public school education.

Infant & Toddler Program

The Infant and Toddler Programs serve a combined total of 25 children from ages 0 to 2 years old. These programs operate year round.

Preschool Extended Day, After-School Program, and Summer Program
These programs generate revenue to help maintain the early childhood program of the Wyandotte Nation. Our early childhood services are now available year around.

Child Care and Development Fund
The Child Care & Development Fund Program (CCDF Program) is a project funded by the Department of Health Services and provides assistance to income qualified families in the provision of day care. It also provides for training of day care providers, and educating parents as to how to choose a proper day care situation. Another purpose of the program is to give parents a choice as to the type of day care they would like for their children. This project assists in funding the Wyandotte Nation’s early childhood program.

To qualify for child care assistance, families must reside within our service area, have CDIB/Tribal card, and all parent/guardian’s must be working, attending school/college, or job training program. One employer verification is to be completed per adult in household.

For more information about the CCDF Program, including updates on COVID 19, please email: 

Click the following links for Application documents:

Child Care Assistance Application         Employer Verification

Provider Information:

Provider Registration Packet     2019 Wyandotte Nation Claim Form

Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP)
Click the link for the CACFP Public Release Statement

Department Contacts:
Cristi Hudson – Education Director, 918-678-6334 or
Sami Butterfield – Caseworker/Childcare Specialist, 918-678-6330 or
Lindsay Cooper – Early Childhood Program Coordinator, 918-678-3267 or
Madeline Harnar – Librarian, 918-678-6332 or
Evan Hotulke — Caseworker/Education/Employment Specialist, 918-678-6331 or
Kasey Lewis – Intake Clerk, 918-678-3268 or

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