Elder & Nutrition

Title VI Program Grant From DHS Administration On Aging

1. Provide free lunches 5 days a week to elderly Indian people 55 years of age or over.
2. Serving time 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
3. CDIB card required.
4. Spouses are also eligible to eat free
5. Guests meals are $5.00 and children 12 and under are $3.00.
6. Volunteers eat free for (bringing elders or taking elders food, donating time to kitchen through the noon hour).
7. Host approximately 10 special events per year. (Music day, holiday parties and etc.).

Other Services

1. Building rental $75.00 for public or $50.00 tribal members and tribal employees.
2. Will host banquets. $12.00-15.00 per plate
3. May, June and July are heavily booked so book early for these months.
4. Host arts and crafts department. Senior Turtles make 2, keep one, sell one (excluding shawls). It is a self-supporting program at this time through donation and sales of arts and crafts at the community building.
5. Provide transportation, information and referrals.
6. Host and transport special events throughout the year. ( Fairs, festivals, and shopping trips).
7. Provide space for monthly Health Screening Services provided by Bearskin Health Center.
8. Host eye and ear screening clinics upon request from outside contractors

Serves On The Following Boards (Title VI Director)

1. Grand Gateway Advisory Council
2. Executive Board Oklahoma Indian Council
3. Oklahoma Task Force on Minority Aging
4. Northeast Oklahoma Caregiver Coalition

Department Contacts:
Brenda House, Elder Services Director, (918) 678-6327.
Stephanie Hamilton, Food Service Team Supervisor, (918) 678-6328, (Office) 6390
Seth Higginbotham, Chris Rhodes, Robyn Beaty and Ashley Webb, Food Service Team Members (918) 678-6328
Menu, (918) 678-6326

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