Honor Guard

Leaford Bearskin
1939 – 1960 United States Military Service and Training

Army Air Corps: 1941 Sergeant First Class-Alaska-Crew Chief; Cadet Training Advance Flying School Graduate – 1943; Pilot; Heavy Bombardment Training; 1943-1944 New Guinea 90th Bombardment Group, 5th Air Force (The Famous “Jolly Rogers”); Aircraft Commander/B-24 Liberator Bomber (46 Combat missions); Train Heavy Bomber Crews; Japan-Ground Force Officer; 1948 Squadron Commander-Berlin Airlift (29 missions flown); Squadron Commander, Director Material and Deputy Base Command at a Fighter Base in Georgia (First Jet Fighter Aircraft Flight Across Pacific-Air Base Group Commander); Staff Logistics Course; Squadron Commander-Korea; Squadron Commander and Asst. Headquarters Comandant at Strategic Air Command Headquarters-Omaha and Winnebago Tribes’ Education and Welfare Programs.

Theodore J. (Ted) Nesvold
1955 – 1962 United States Air Force

Ted served with the 53rd Squadron of the 36th Wing in Germany during the cold war. Crew Chief and Assistant Flight Chief F-86F Saber, Bitburg, Germany; F-100-C Super Saber, Landstuhl, Germany. Wyandotte Nation Honor Guard Commander.

Jerry Marks
1948 – 1977 United States Navy and United States Air Force

Jerry enlisted in the U.S. Navy in 1948 and served for nine years. He changed to the U.S. Air Force in 1957, serving 20 years. He retired with a total of 29 years military service. He served during the Korean War while in the Navy and in Vietnam while in the United States Air Force. Most of his service was with the Air Rescue helicopters. He participated in the rescue of several downed pilots here in the states and overseas. Jerry served aboard the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Valley Forge. He was part of the helicopter crew that rescued the first jet pilot to go in the drink after the start of the Korean War. While in Vietnam he was stationed at Ubon, Thailand with Air Rescue. Air strikes were launched from there. Many helicopter rescue missions for pilots down in enemy territory came from Thailand.

Dennis Smotherman
U.S. Navy, Sonar/Oceanography 1964 – 1968

Dennis was active in the Vietnam War. He received sonar training in San Diego, California, and oceanography training in Key West, Florida. He served in Adak, Alaska and at Treasure Island, San Francisco, California.

Larry Hamilton
1977 – 1994 United States Air Force

Larry enlisted in the U.S. Air Force October 1977. He completed basic training at Lackland AFB, San Antonio, Texas. He completed technical training for munitions in Colorado. First permanent assignment was at Medina AFB, Texas STAMPS/STRAP unit. He transferred to Guam in 1980 for two years and returned to the states to Barks Dale AFB, Louisiana for five years. It was the first base to go online with ALCOM (Air Launch Cruise Missile). He transferred to Minot AFB, North Dakota in 1987 to assist in ALCOM online project. Desert Storm started while assigned to Minot. He was then transferred to Diego Garcia, B.I.O.T. for the duration of Desert Storm and to reconfigure to peace time operations; transferred to Moody AFB, Georgia in 1992 until retiring in 1994 for a total of 17 years service, taking early retirement during the downsizing of the Air Force.

Fred Comfort
1955 – 1959 U.S. Air Force

Served with the U.S. Air Force Security Service in the Far East Command – Japan, as a Morris Code Radio Operator.

Isaac Tanner
U.S. Air Force

380th Firing Squadron, Plattsburg Air Force Base New York, Fuel Specialist

David Culver (not pictured)

David Culver served during the cold war as a Specialist in the US Army Reserve from 1985 until 1993. David worked in signal intelligence and a member of the Signal Corp Regimental Association. In addition to his military service, David is a career federal law enforcement officer and currently serves in Oklahoma as the Assistant Federal Security Director for Law Enforcement for the US Department of Homeland Security. David is the recipient of numerous awards and citations including the Oklahoma Sheriff’s and Peace Officer Association’s Medal of Valor.

Grover Tanner
U.S. Army 1967 – 1974

101st Airborne Division, Screaming Eagles, Vietnam Veteran, PHU – By Vietnam

Rick Crawford
1949-1973 United States Air Force

Rick enlisted in the United States Air Force June 13, 1949. After basic training, he was a Testing Specialist in the Personnel Research Center in Lackland AFB, San Antonio, TX. IN 1953, during the Korean War, he was assigned to the 8th Fighter Bomber Wing, Itazuke AB, Japan. Tech Seargeant Crawford returned to the states for OCS in September 1956. After graduation from OCS, Lt. Crawford served 4 years at Stewart AFB, NY, the AF Prep School for the US Military Academy at West Point. From there he went to Osan AB Korea for 13 months. Returning to the states, he was promoted to Captain and commanded a Titan II ICBM Crew at Davis-Monthan, Arizona. From 1966-1967 he served as a Personnel Staff Officer at Hdqs. Strategic Air Command in Nebraska. During 1967-1969 he was stationed at Anderson AFB, Guam, in support of “Operation Arc Light”, where he was promoted to Major. Assigned to the Armed Forces Staff College in Norfolk, Virginia the first half of 1970, he returned to SAC Headquarters from 1970 until retirement in 1973.


In Honor of Our Deceased Honor Guard Members.

A white Eagle Feather for each former member has been placed on the Wyandotte Nation Eagle Staff.

Edgar A. Long

Fred James “Jim” Long

Richard White


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