Voter List By Clan

(NOTE: Names referenced on this list does not automatically constitute tribal membership eligibility for family members seeking enrollment with the Wyandotte Nation.)



Prepared May 29, 1874

Turtle Phratry

I. Big Turtle Clan

1. John R. Barnett

2. Noah Coon

3. William L. Coon

4. Nicholas Cotter

5. Jessee C. Gayamee

6. Francis Hicks

7. Henry Hicks

8. James Hicks

9. Allen Johnson, Sr.

10. Richard Johnson

11. Matthew Mudeater

12. Richard Sarrahess

13. Thomas Sarrahess

14. Wesley Sarrahess

15. Francis Whitewing (elected Councilman 7/14/74)

II. Small Turtle Clan

1. William Bearskin

2. Russia Choplog

3. James McKee Gayamee

4. John W. Greyeyes (elected Councilman 7/14/74)

5. Silas M. Greyeyes

6. Eli Pipe

7. James Wright

III. Porcupine Clan

1. James Armstrong

2. Silas W. Armstrong (elected Principal Chief 7/14/74)

3. (Winfield) Scott Armstrong

4. Shadrach Bostwick

5. David Charloe

6. George Charloe

7. Henry Charloe

8. Joseph Charloe

9. George A. Coon, Jr.

10. Josiah S. Coon

11. John Kayrahoo II

12. Thomas Mononcue

13. Alfred J. Mudeater

14. Benjamin Mudeater

15. Dawson Mudeater

16. Irvin Mudeater

17. Isaac W. Zane

18. Jefferson Zane

Deer Phratry

IV. Deer Clan

1. Washington Boyd

2. Isaac W. Brown

3. John D. Brown

4. William Johnson

5.     Smith Nichols (elected Councilman 7/14/74)

V. Snake Clan

1. Philip Monture

2. Elliott Punch

3. John Sarrahess (elected Councilman 7/14/74)

4. James Splitiog

5. Mathias Splitiog

VI. Bear Clan

1. George Bearskin

2. Joseph Bearskin

3. Leander Brown

4. Peter Charloe

5. Richard W. Clark

6. John Coon

7. John Kayrahoo, Jr.

8. Irvin P. Long (elected Second Chief 7/14/74)

9. James M. Long

10. Boyd Peacock

11. George Peacock

12. Isaac Peacock, Jr.

13. Robert Robitaille

14. Malcolm Walker

15. Percy L. Walker

16. Scott Walker

17. Thomas E. Walker

18. Alexander H. Zane

Wolf Phratry

VII. Wolf Clan

1. Bernard Cotter

2. James W. Cotter

3. Joseph Williams (elected Mediator 7/14/74)

4. George Wright

5. Adam Young

6. Hiram S. (Star) Young

For two individuals, clan affiliation was unknown at the time the roster of eligible voters was prepared:

1. Eldridge H. Brown

2. Samuel Nichols

Nichols was the son of the Rev. Smith Nichols and Mary Warpole Nichols, and was subsequently assigned to or adopted into the Porcupine Clan. Brown was the illegitimate son of Matthew Brown and Susannah D. Zane. As Susannah Zane’s mother was a Seneca, Brown was technically outside any line of Wyandot clan descent, but was considered to be a Wyandot nonetheless. A Civil War veteran, he was a prominent and respected member of the tribe, and was subsequently assigned to or adopted into the Deer Clan. In later years he would become the friend and principal informant of William E. Connelley.

The total number of eligible voters was just 76 individuals.

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