Online Language Lessons

The Wyandotte Nation is pleased to announce that in the coming weeks Dr. Craig Kopris will be posting material focusing on Wandat, our traditional language. Dr. Kopris will be posting a new word or phrase each week for anyone interested in learning our language. He too will be giving reports on his research, new findings and anything of interest he may feel is relevant for our citizens. Dr. Kopris will also be working on preparing online language lessons with Culture Committee member Katie Chinn. Katie will be recording a number of words in Wandat and posting them on our website for people to click and better hear how to say them. A short-term goal is to provide the ability for citizens to log into the website and post questions for Dr. Kopris to answer. And if the technology is feasible from Wyandotte, Oklahoma, online video streaming, so you can have a one-on-one language lesson with Dr. Kopris. By appointment only of course.

The Wyandotte Nation Culture Committee understands that learning Wandat may not be something that interests everyone, but then again there are some that would like to learn it as their second language. We want to try and accommodate the needs and wants of everyone. If all you would like to do is learn a few words to confuse and get bewildering looks from fellow Walmart shoppers, then here is your place to learn. Each week look under the “Turtle Blogs” to the right of your screen and select “Language.”

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