Welcome to the webpage of the Waⁿdat Language Subcommittee!  Within this page, you will find historical and contemporary audio recordings and text.  The Wyandotte people are fortunate in that many anthropologists and linguists have recorded Waⁿdat words throughout time, but not all words are preserved.  For this reason, sometimes we have to apply the linguistic rules of Waⁿdat and look to sister Iroquoian languages to recreate words.  When we do this, we always make a note to let you know.

We use Americanist transcription, which consists of linguist symbols, to spell the Waⁿdat words.  This ensures that our pronunciations are as precise as possible.  The best way to train your eyes to be able to read the Americanist transcription is to practice words while also looking at their spellings.  Over time, you will be reading Americanist transcription with ease.

Good luck!  Speaking Waⁿdat is an important way to connect our past with our present, and we look forward to sharing it with you.


Contemporary Material

Historical Material

Monthly Words

Tížamęh Song







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