Wright Family Allotment Cemetery

The George Washington Wright Family Allotment Cemetery Reclamation Project.

Memorial Day, 2011 marked the fruition of several years work of documentation, negotiation with land owners and restoration and cleanup of the George Washington Wright Family Allotment Cemetery.  George Wright and his family were among the Wyandotte people who relocated to Oklahoma from Kansas in the 1840’s.  A small part of Wright’s allotment was used a family cemetery.  Largely forgotten, except by a few elders including my own grandmother Gladys Powell the cemetery fell into serious disrepair.  According to Lois Thomas, Wright family researcher there are twenty burials in the cemetery.  However only seven names are recorded and remembered.  They are US Grant Wright, Elizabeth Wright, George Washington Wright, Catherine Wright, Rosa Luke, Sarah Clark and WH Keefover (a Civil War Veteran from G Company, 31st Ohio Infantry).  Family member Mr. Jack Childers performed some of the early work on the cemetery by resetting a fallen headstone and marking the boundaries of the cemetery.

I want to thank the Wyandotte Nation and those who helped in this important project.  Chief Billy Friend and his wife were gracious enough four years ago to venture in the rough country to see the cemetery and agree to help reclaim it.  Wyandotte Nation employee Ron Kaiser was instrumental in obtaining land owner permission for access and clean up.  Garold Alumbaugh and the entire Wyandotte Nation Maintenance Staff for the labor and time to actually clean the cemetery. Finally I would like to thank the Wyandotte Nation Honor Guard for participating in honoring these graves on Memorial Day.  As always its actions like this that makes me proud to be Wyandotte.

David W. Culver
Gweh Rih Rooh

Wyandotte Nation Culture Committee Member

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