I hope by the time everyone reads this our weather will still be mild and enjoyable but, as everybody knows, in Oklahoma that could change very quickly. The Wyandotte Nation was blessed with a very good year in 2011 and we expect it to continue into 2012. Many of our Social Services programs have been extended to a 200 mile radius so we can provide assistance to more Wyandotte Nation tribal members. The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) which is federally funded was decreased this year, but we should be able to provide assistance to all that apply for this program. Contact Kate Randall, Dana Butterfield, or Tara Gragg. If Tara’s name doesn’t sound familiar that’s because she was recently hired as a social worker for our Family Services Department. I would like to welcome Tara to our Wyandotte family and we are proud that she is also a Wyandotte Tribal Citizen.

The three new elder duplexes are finished and everyone has moved in. Some are still buying furniture but they are getting settled. They absolutely love it here. I have lunch with some of them at Title VI and I hear talk of community gardens and even block parties. We have created a very unique Tribal community and we are very proud of it. There will be the addition of another elder duplex sometime this year. If a tribal member has a home that needs weatherization, call our Housing Department and see about getting that done. We want all Tribal members to stay warm this winter.

We have recently purchased additional Wyandotte artifacts from the Ohio and Illinois areas. They were part of a private collection that came up for auction. If we hear of any other auctions or sales of Wyandotte artifacts we will certainly be there.

We are in the planning stages to establish our own Tribal Court System to better protect and serve everyone in the Wyandotte Nation jurisdiction. Our Recycling Program will move into their own facility sometime this year west of the Bearskin Fitness Center. These are just a few things that will be contributing to the growth of the Wyandotte Nation in 2012. I want to wish everyone good health and happiness.

Norman Hildebrand, Jr.
Second Chief

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