I am extremely proud and honored to have been appointed by the Board of Directors to the position of Second Chief of the Wyandotte Nation. I officially started June 1st and all the Department Heads and staff have helped make my transition into this position a smooth one. Chief Bearskin has left quite a legacy for Chief Friend, the Department Heads, staff and I to continue for the benefit of all tribal members.

I am really enjoying working with everyone. Chief Bearskin was right when he said we have the best Board of Directors, Chief of Staff, Department Heads, and staff of any tribe in the Indian world. I traveled last week to Washington D.C. with the Chief and Kelly Walker to an I.H.S. summit, the first one ever assembled. It was quite an experience to see the Nation’s Capitol; the weather was really hot but still very enjoyable.

The following Monday my wife and I accompanied Chief Friend, his wife and daughter along with Dana Butterfield, Sherri Clemons, Kim Garcia and the summer interns on a trip to Kansas City. We visited many historical sites, let them shop, and took them to Worlds of Fun. Again it was extremely hot but everyone had a good time. We had 17 young men and young ladies and they were a joy to be with. Their parents should be proud of them which I’m sure they are because they are really good kids.

Again it is an honor to serve as Second Chief of the “ Greatest Tribe in the World”.

Norman Hildebrand, Jr.

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