Planning Department


Wyandotte Nation’s Planning Department is dedicated to carrying out the Mission and Vision of the Board of Directors.

Mission Statement

To advance the standard of living of the Tribe … and promote in any other way the general welfare of the Indians of the Wyandotte Nation.


Preserving the future of our past.

The Planning Department consists of Grant Writers, Land Management Technician, and 477 Coordinator.

The Planning Department is responsible for the development of the Annual Report for Self Governance office and monitors the Annual Funding Agreement.

The Department is also responsible for implementation of the Tribal Transportation Roads Program and inventory on an annual basis, reviews conditions of tribal roadways and assists in developing control schedules for the Tribal Transportation Improvement Program.

Grant Writers research and apply for federal, state, and foundation grants in order to benefit the tribe and tribal community. Selecting particular grants is based upon several factors including, but not limited to, Community Needs Assessments, long-term plans, tribal goals, and availability of funding opportunities.

The Land Management Technician is responsible for assessing, monitoring, expanding, and implementing land stewardship and management activities on properties owned by Wyandotte Nation. Other services include lease permits, maintains Trust and other records, and ensures compliance with federal regulations.

Public Law 102-477 allows federally recognized tribes to combine formula-funded federal grants that are employment and training-related into a single plan with a single budget and a single reporting system. The 477 Coordinator develops, monitors/tracks costs and deliverables, and reports for the 477 program.

Number Served

Projects often serve Tribal citizens within a 50-mile radius of tribal headquarters; however, some formula funded grants may serve citizens within a 100-mile radius. Ultimately, the department’s desire to serve and create a positive impact on all Wyandotte’s across the United States.

Please contact any team member in the Planning Department for more information on select services provided by Wyandotte Nation.

Contact Information

Debbie Dry, Grant Writer



Robby Graham, Land Management Technician



Christen Lee, Planning and Natural Resources Director



Michael Lowery, Grant Writer / 477 Coordinator






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