abandon and throw

Abandon, Throw

There are two versions of this verb root.  One, -ati-, does not incorporate a noun root.  The second, -oti-, always incorporates a noun root.  The version of these two verb roots that is translated as ‘throw’ usually has a dualic prefix at the beginning of the word.


yǫtar-eˀ            tuh       aˀutiˀ                            d          undatara

it is a lake        there    she abandoned it         the       bread

She abandoned the bread there,  at the lake

aˀutiˀ                    She abandoned it


aˀ-                    factual

-u-                    feminine-zoic singular patient – she

-ti-                   verb root – abandon, cast away

-ˀ                      punctual aspect


kwayakyeˀs           I throw.


kw-                  dualic

-ay-                  1st person singular patient – I

-aky–               verb root – abandon, throw

-eˀs                   habitual aspect


tu         tahutiˀ                               yandušraˀ         There he threw a skin robe to him

there    he threw it to him         a skin robe


tahutiˀ                  He threw it to him.


t-                      dualic

-a-                    factual

-hu-                  masculine singular agent + masculine singular patient – he – him

-ti-                   verb root – abandon, throw

-ˀ                      punctual aspect



usahǫmaaˀtǫtiˀ       They (m) again left him behind.


u-                     factual

-s-                    repetitive

-a-                    factual

-hǫma-             masculine plural agent + masculine singular patient – they (m) – him

-aˀt-                  noun root – body

-ǫti-                 verb root – abandon

-ˀ                      punctual aspect


tehahsǫkyeˀs        He throws the bowl (a gambler with the plum pit game).


te-                    dualic

-ha-                  masculine singular patient – he

-hs-                  noun root – bowl, dish

-ǫky-               verb root – abandon, throw

-eˀs                   habitual aspect


tehutisǫntiˀ                     They will throw the bowl.


t-                      dualic

-e-                    future

-huti-                masculine plural patient – they (m)

-s-                    noun root – bowl, dish

-ǫnti-               verb root – throw, abandon

-ˀ                      punctual aspect





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