Be Cold – Weather

Be Cold –ature-


This verb root refers to cold weather, cold in the air, not an object being cold.


To Be Cold -ature-

kwižuh uture         Is it cold (weather)?


kwižuh        Is it?  Does it?



uture          It is cold (weather)


u-                     feminine-zoic singular patient – it

-ture                verb root ‘to be cold’ + stative aspect


hęh uture               Yes, it is cold



hateˀ  uture           How cold is it?



tsuture                 It is very cold.


ts-                    repetitive – very

-u-                    feminine-zoic singular patient – it

ture                verb root – be cold + stative aspect


ąˀą       teˀuture        No, it is not cold


teˀuture        It is not cold.


teˀ-                   negative

-u-                  feminine zoic singular patient – it

-ture             erb root – be cold + stative aspect


ewuturey               It will be cold.


ew-                  future

-u-                    feminine-zoic singular patient – it

ˀture-              verb root – be cold

-y                     punctual aspect


The direction ‘north’ involves a different form of the verb root:


atuʼye                   at the cold, north


atu-                  feminine-zoic singular agent – it + verb root – be cold weather + stative aspect

-ˀye                  external locative noun suffix


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