be long

Be long – -ǫts-

There are two verb roots that mean ‘be long’ in Wyandot.  The one found most often is -es-, which requires the incorporation of a noun root or noun stem.  This verb does not incorporate either one.  It typically appears after a particle


Tuh inyǫtsih                   How long is it?



inyǫtsih                          It is long.


iny-                              partitive – such

-ǫts-                             feminine-zoic singular agent – it + verb root – be long

-ih                                stative aspect


deˀka inyǫtsih                 It is this long.




Šeyanę inyǫtsih             It is very long




Šeyanę                           very, greatly

deˀka sę  atayǫstęh          Please make it for me of this length.



atayǫstęh                       Make it long for me.


-a-                                cislocative

-t-                                 imperative

-ay-                              1st person singular patient – me

-ǫs-                              verb root – be long

-t-                                 causative root suffix

-ęh                               imperative aspect



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