Be Small

Be Small

-skeʼnya- (does not incorporate noun roots[1])

išehskęˀnyąˀ           You (s) are small.


i-                      partitive

-še-                  2nd person singular agent – you (s)

-hskęˀnya-        verb root – be small

-ˀ                      stative aspect


iwahskęˀnyąˀą      She is very small


iw-                   partitive

-a-                    feminine-zoic singular agent – she + semi-reflexive

-skęˀnyą-          verb root – be small

-ˀ                      stative aspect

-ą                     diminutive aspect suffix



-skeʼny-       small piece


sauskeˀnyaraˀ      It is piled in very small pieces.


s-                     repetitive – very

-a-                    factual

-u-                    feminine-zoic singular patient – it

-skeny-                        noun root – small piece(s)

-a-                    joiner vowel

-ra-                   verb root – put  on top

-ˀ                      punctual aspect


ahaskęˀnyǫgyaʼ     He made it into small pieces.


Tl-                   factual

-ha-                  masculine singular agent – he

-skęny-                        noun root – small piece(s)

-ǫgy-                verb root – make

-aˀ                    punctual aspect


-hkęnye-      be smaller, younger, the youngest (does not incorporate noun roots)

huhkęnyeˀ             He is smaller, younger.


hu-                   masculine singular patient – he

-hkęnyę-          verb root – be smaller, younger

-ˀ                      stative aspect

(He is one of two brothers, the other of whom was referred to as tayuwanęh ‘he is larger, older’)


uhkęnyeˀ              She is smaller, younger.


u-                     feminine-zoic singular patient – she

-hkęnyę-          verb root – be smaller, younger

-ˀ                      stative aspect



[1] The verb root used to incorporate noun roots for reference to something being small is -a- ‘be of a size’, with the diminutive aspect suffix added.

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