climb, perch, descend

Climb, Perch and Descend

Climb -ratę-

haratęˀ        He climbed.


ha-       masculine singular agent – he

-ratę-   verb root – climb

-ˀ          stative aspect


tuh       ahatinyǫˀ                      de        karhiˀ[t]                        d’         uratętih

there    they (m) arrived          the       where there is a tree    the       it climbed up a place

They arrived where the tree is that it climbed up.

uratętih                 She or it climbed up a place


u-                     feminine-zoic singular patient –  she or it

-ratę-               verb root – climb

-t-                     causative root suffix

-ih                    stative aspect


usayaratęˀ              She or it again climbed.


u-                     factual

-s-                    repetitive

-a-                    factual

-ya-                  feminine-zoic singular agent – she or it

-ratę-               verb root – climb

-ˀ                      punctual aspect


Perch – -(ʼ)ngyę(h/ʼ)šra-

hangyęhšraˀ         He perched.


ha-                   masculine singular agent – he

-ngyęhšra-      verb root – perch

-ˀ                      stative aspect


tuh       taˀngyęˀšraˀ                  He is perched there.

There   where he is perched


taˀngyęˀšraˀ           It is where he is perched.


t-                      cislocative

-a-                    masculine singular agent – he

-ˀngyęˀšra-      verb root – perch

-ˀ                      stative aspect


tahatingyęnšranyǫˀkyeˀ                                                            nde      henǫmeh

they (m) are going around perched (e.g., horseback riding)   those    they (m) are humans

Those who are humans are going around horseback riding.


tahatingyęnšranyǫˀkyeˀ   They (m) are going around perched on something.


t-                                  cislocative

-a-                                factual

-hati-                            masculine plural agent – they (m)

-ngyęnšr-                    verb root – perch

-anyǫ-                          dislocative root suffix

-ˀ-                                 stative aspect

-ky-                              progressive root suffix

-eˀ                                purposive aspect


Descend -atehstę-

tehutahatehstęh               He did not descend, come down.


te-                                negative

-hu-                              factual

-t-                                 negative

-a-                                factual

-h-                                masculine singular agent

-atehstę-                      verb root – descend

-h                                 punctual aspect


sayetehstęh                     I am descending again.


s-                                 repetitive

-ay-                              1st person singular patient – I

-atehstę-                  verb root – descend

-h                                 stative aspect


tawatehstęˀ                    She descended.


t-                                  dualic

-aw-                             factual

-atehstę-                       verb root – descend

-ˀ                                  punctual aspect






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