Family –(h)watsi(r)-


This term can be used to refer to humans or animals such as bears and birds.  There is a cognate (related) noun root in Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, Seneca and Tuscarora.

yahwatsiraˀ           family, her family


ya-                   feminine-zoic singular agent – it, her

-hwatsir-          noun root – family

-aˀ                    noun suffix


yehwatsiraˀ            my family


ye-                   1st person singular agent – my

-hwatsir-          noun root – family

-aˀ                    noun suffix


šehwatsiraˀ           your (s) family


še-                    2nd person singular agent –  you (s)

-hwatsir-          noun root – family

-aˀ                    noun suffix


hutiwatsirayuwanęh        They (m) are a large family.


huti-                 masculine plural patient – they (m)

-watsir-            noun root – family

-a-                    joiner vowel

-yuwanę-         verb root – be large

-h                     stative aspect


ahkwatsiręmąˀ       She (a bear) is pregnant with a litter.


ahk-                 feminine-zoic singular agent – she + semi-reflexive voice

-watsir-            noun root – litter

-ęmą-               verb root – be swollen

-ˀ                      stative aspect

In the story in the Narratives entitled The Seven Stars, seven boys who have not eaten fly up into the sky and become the Pleiades.


daeˀ      nǫmąˀdeˀ          kwayęhs          nęh      šrawiˀ              hudiwatsižah

these    now                 we (n) see        now     up above          they (m) are a small family


nde      hatirǫnyǫˀ

the       they (m) are a distant group, stars


These are those we now see up above, a small family of stars.


hutiwatsižah        They (m) are a small family                                                          [hoo-tee-wah-tsee-zhah]

huti-                 masculine plural patient – they (m)

-watsi-             noun root – family

-ž-                    verb root – be a size + stative aspect

-ah                   diminutive aspect suffix



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