Field -yęht-

yęhtaˀyeh   at, in a field


yęht-    feminine-zoic singular agent – it + noun root – field

-aˀyeh  external locative noun suffix


ęndehkažah           They (f) are eating a field (i.e., the crops in the field)


ęnd-                 feminine-zoic plural agent – they (f)

-ehk-                noun root – field

-až-                  verb root – eat

-ah                   habitual aspect


yęhtižuˀrunǫˀ         It is a people of a great field (i.e., Prairie Turtle Clan)


yęht-                feminine-zoic singular agent – it

-ižu-                 verb root – be great

-ˀrunǫ-             populative root suffix

-ˀ                      stative aspect


yatehtužeˀs                   skwatingyutawahs                               yahkaˀ              uˀrahǫnyǫh

I move from the field  they (f) repeatedly pull up shoots       crows               many nights

I moved from the field the crows who many nights pulled up shoots


yatehtužeˀs           I move from the field.


y-                     1st person singular agent – I

-at-                   semi-reflexive

-eht-                 noun root – field

-už-                  verb root – move

-eˀs                   habitual aspect


tehstihtižaˀ            You two will cross a field.


t-                      dualic

-eh-                  future

-st-                   2nd person dual agent – you two

-iht-                  noun root – field

-iža-                 verb root – cut

-ˀ                      punctual aspect




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