Fish Names in Wyandot

Fish Names in Wyandot

yaˀndutsaˀ                      ear of corn , sunfish


ya-                               feminine-zoic agent ‘it’

-ˀnduts-                       noun root ‘ear of corn, sunfish’

-aˀ                                noun suffix

erayǫh                           They (indefinite) are sturgeon


e-                                indefinite agent ‘they/one’

             -rayǫ-                       verb root – to be (a) sturgeon

             –h                                stative aspect


tǫnęmatǫt                      catfish (two of something attached)


t-                                  dualic

-ǫ-                                feminine-zoic singular patient – it

-nęmat-                        noun root – ?

-ǫt                                verb root – to attach, be attached + stative aspect


atsihyęduh                    walleye (something in water)


atsihyęd-                       feminine-zoic singular agent – it + noun root – ?

-u-                                 verb root – to be in water

-h                                  stative aspect


utsiyǫndih                     perch


u-                                 feminine-zoic singular patient – it

-tsiyǫndi-                   verb root – to be a perch

-h                                 stative aspect


wahk                             pike






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