On Top of the Head – -nęˀ


unęˀaˀ             hair, her hair (on top of her head)


u-         feminine-zoic singular patient – it, her

-nęˀ-     noun root – hair on top of the head

-aˀ        noun suffix


unęʼutih                She combed the hair on top of her head.


u-                     feminine-zoic singular patient – she

-nęˀ-                 noun root – hair on top of the head

-uhti-               verb root – comb

-h                     stative aspect


hunęhut       His hair is standing up.


hu-       masculine singular patient – his

-nęh-    noun root – hair on top of the head

-ut        verb root – stand + stative aspect


Human Hair


ayeˀruhšaˀ             my hair (speaking generally)


ay-                   1st person singular patient – my

eˀruhš-           FZA ‘it’ + NR ‘human hair’

-aˀ                    noun suffix


Long Human Hair -ngwah-


yangwahaʼ           long human hair, plaited, braided


ya-                   feminine-zoic singular agent – it

-ngwah-           noun root – long human hair, plaited or braided

-aˀ                    noun suffix

sangwahawastih    She has beautiful long hair.


u-                     feminine-zoic singular patient –  she

-ngwah-           noun root – braided, plaited hair, ponytail

-a                     joiner vowel

-wast-              verb root – be beautiful

-ih                    stative aspect


Beard -ˀskwęˀr-


huʼskwęʼraʼ                   his beard


hu-                   masculine singular patient – he

ˀskwęˀr-          noun root – beard

-aˀ                    noun root


huˀskwęˀretsih       I have a long beard; my long beard..

aye-                 1st person singular patient – I, my

ˀskwęˀr-          noun root – beard

-ets-                 verb root – be long

-ih                    stative aspect


White, Gray Hair-ndraʼtę

aʼyendraʼtęha                  I am getting gray haired.


aˀ-                                factual

-ye-                              1st person singular agent

-ndraˀtę-                       verb root – for hair to whiten, become gray

            -h-                                inchoative root suffix

-a                                 punctual aspect




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