have power, ability

Have power, ability – -ndaʼura-


This relates to such situation as:


Fasting to achieve something              Narratives 144-5

Seizing someone                                 Narratives 105

Pulling a thorn out of a paw               Narratives 119

Getting out of a blocked hole             Narratives 140

Feeding a hungry pet snake                Narratives 153

Defeating a spirit                                 Narratives 179

Escaping                                              Narratives 186 and 294

Convincing someone to sing               Narratives 191

Helping someone                                Narratives 207-8

Killing someone                                  Narratives 213

Giving back an amount owed             Narratives 227

Making someone laugh                       Narratives 230

Reaching a destination                        Narratives 250

Stealing from someone                       Narratives 264

Riding somewhere on a horse             Narratives 270

Curing someone                                  Narratives 279, 280, 282

Break into a place of hiding                Narratives 305


andaʼuraʼndih               I am able to do something, have the ability to do it.


a-                                 1st person singular patient – I

-ndaˀura-                      verb root – have ability, power

-ˀnd-                             inchoative root suffix

-ih                                stative aspect


teˀsąndaˀurąˀndih             You don’t have the ability


teˀ-                               negative

-są-                              2nd person singular patient – you (s)

-ndaˀura-                      verb root – have power, ability

-ˀnd-                             inchoative root suffix

-ih                                stative aspect



teˀkwandaˀurahaˀ            We (n) will not have the ability.


t-                                  negative

-eˀ-                               future

-kwa-                           1st person inclusive plural – we (n)

-ndaˀura-                      verb root – have power, ability

-ha-                              inchoative root suffix

-ˀ                                  punctual aspect


hundaˀuranˀdih             He is able to.


hu-                               masculine singular patient – he

-ndaˀura-                      verb root – have power, ability

-nˀd-                             inchoative root suffix

-ih                                stative aspect

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