In Here, This Way in Wyandot

In Here, This Way: yaruˀ

The particle yaruˀ (roughly pronounced -yah-roo-oo) means ‘in here’ or ‘this way.’  It usually comes before a verb using the root -e- ‘to come, go, walk’ as in the examples given here..

yaruˀ               tareht                                       He should come here.

in here            he should come to a place

taręht               He should come to a place.


t-          cislocative

-a-        optative

-r-        masculine singular agent – he

-e-        verb root – to come, go

-ht        causative root suffix + punctual aspect

yaruˀ               taset                                         Come this way.

this way           come to a place

taset                Come to a place.


ta-        imperative

-s-        2nd person singular agent[1] – you

-e-        verb root – to come, go

-ht        causative root suffix + imperative aspect

He said “Wild animals, come here.“

ahęhąǫˀ            nd        atižu                 yaruˀ               taskweˀt

he said             the       wild animals    this way          come here

taskwe՚t               Come here.


ta-        imperative

-skw-   2nd person plural agent ‘you (p)’

-e-        verb root ‘to come, go’

-ht        causative root suffix + imperative aspect

atižu            They (f) are wild animals.


ati-       feminine-zoic plural agent – they

-žu       verb root – to be a wild animal + stative aspect

She said,  “When the sun is halfway, all of you will come this way to our house.”

aˀyęhaǫ            kyehk              eyarah              aweti    yaruˀ  

she said            midday           sun will rise     all        this way

etiskweht                                 tiyǫmanǫhšaˀ

you (p) will come here            where our house is

etiskweht                    You (p) will come here.


e-                     future

-ti-                    cislocative

-skw-               2nd person plural agent – you

-e-                    verb root – to come, go

-ht                    causative root suffix + punctual aspect

eyarah                   Sun will rise.


e-                     future

-ya-                  feminine-zoic singular agent – it

-ra-                   verb root – for the sun to rise

-h                     punctual aspect



[1] I am interpreting this use of the patient form as the effects of the imperative on the agent form.

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