Lord’s Prayer in Wyandotte

The Lord’s Prayer in Wyandotte (John Steckley, 2018)

skwaˀistę                        yarǫnyaˀye                     ihstareh

[skwah-ah-ee-sten]    [yah-ron-yah-ah-yeh]     [eeh-stah-reh]

you are father to us        in the sky                       you live, dwell

Our father, in the sky you dwell.

utuyehti                             de      šehšędaˀ

[oo-too-yeh-tee]             [deh]  [sheh-shen-dah-ah]

it is straight, sacred        the     your name

uramęh                                    ti       šehšęduˀtęh

[oo-rah-menh]                         [tee]   [sheh-shen-doo-oo-tenh]

it is in a good state.                 as      your name is such

Your name is sacred, and in a good state.

tawatehstęt                               sarihwaˀ

[tah-wah-teh-stent]                [sah-ree-hwah-ah]

make it come down to us         your matter, affair, law, custom

Make your matter come down to us.

ǫmętsaˀye                       tižuhtih                         tekyutęh

[on-men-tsah-ah-yeh]     [tee-zhooh-teeh]    [teh-kyoo-tenh]

on earth                         it is like                           it is such there



in the sky

On earth it is like it is in the sky.


tawanǫt                          nǫwaˀ                             kętateh

[tah-wah-nont]             [non-wah-ah]              [ken-tah-the]

give to us                       now                                 when it is day

amętayeh                        kyatanditakwih                              awaerǫˀyeh

[amen-tah-yeh]               [kyan-tan-dee-tah-kweeh]        [ah-wah-eh-ron-on-yeh]

each/every day                it makes the body firm, strong   at our body, bodies

Give us this day, every day what makes our body strong.

nęh                sasaˀndiyǫhęk                          sarižahkǫdih

[nenh]         [sah-sah-an-dee-yon-henk]      [sah-ree-zhah-kon-deeh]

now            forget it                                    your matter is broken many times

tižuhtih                 n        ehędeh                  tsǫmaˀndiyǫhęhs

[tee-zhooh-teeh]          [eh-hen-deh]       [tson-mah-an-dee-yon-henhs]

it is like                when they (m) will go    we will forget

Now forget that your matter is broken many times; it is like when we will forget when they go.


nęh              wastaˀtuh                       t        ǫmah          eskwanyǫdeh

[nenh]         [wah-stah-ah-tooh]     [ton-mah]          [eh-skwan-yon-deh]

now            must not                        as      now            you will lead us

težašutekwandeye                                  tawaaˀtatirǫtę

[teh-zhah-shoo-the-kwan-deh-yeh]    [tah-wah-ah-tah-tee-ron-ten]

one is going to be seized                    draw us away, withdraw us



it is bad

Now you must not lead to us to being seized.  Draw us away from that which is bad.

sa         samęh                  yarǫnyaˀye                         nęh              de

[sah]  [sah-menh]           [yah-ron-yah-ah-yeh]     [nenh]         [deh]

you    it is yours               in the sky                             now            the

yawihšraˀ                       nęh              d        uramęh

[yah-weeh-shrah-ah]  [nenh]          [doo-rah-menh]

power, force                    now            the     it is a good state



it will continue to be

Now it is yours in the sky; the force and the good state will continue to be.

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