names of carrying

Names of Carrying

These names involve the verb root -ęma- /-ęha- meaning ‘carry’.

ayatsitsḛmah        She brought, carried flowers. (female Wolf)


a-                     factual

-ya-                  feminine-zoic singular agent – she

-tsits-                noun root – flowers, blossoms

-ęma-               verb root – bring, carry

-h                     punctual aspect


Hašręhaǫh[1]          He is carrying an axe.     (male Snake clan)


h-                     masculine singular agent – he

-ašr-                 noun root – axe

-ęha-                verb root – carry

-ǫh                   stative aspect


Ǫtaręmaǫh          She is carrying, bearing a lake (female Bear clan)


ƍntar-               feminine-zoic singular agent – she

-ęma-               verb root – carry, bring

-ƍh                   stative aspect


Ši       Huwatęmah He comes from afar. (Male, probably Large Turtle)

[shee] [hoo-wah-ten-mah]


huw-                masculine singular patient – he

-at-                   noun root – body

-ęm-                 verb root – carry

-ah                   habitual aspect


Skanderęmaǫh      She carries a waist, stomach again.  (female)


s-                     repetitive – again

-ka-                  feminine-zoic singular agent – she

-nder-              noun root – waist, stomach, torso

-ęma-               verb root – carry

-ǫh                   stative aspect



[1] It appears that the forms of the verb root that take the stative aspect, may take two different forms of the verb root.

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