Names with Lakes

Names with Lakes


The noun root -ǫtar- means ‘lake’.


Ǫtareiwęh            It is a very big lake. (female Deer clan)


ǫtar-                 feminine-zoic singular agent – it + noun root – lake

-e-                    verb root – be water

-iwę-                verb root – be large

-h                     stative aspect


Ǫtaręmaǫh           She is carrying, bearing a lake (female Bear clan)


ƍtar-                 feminine-zoic singular agent – she

-ęma-               verb root – carry, bring

-ƍh                   stative aspect


Ǫtarayǫrat          It is a white lake (underwater cat). (male Large Turtle Clan)


ǫtar-                 feminine-zoic singular agent – it’ + noun root – lake

-a-                    joiner vowel

-yǫrat               verb root –  be white + stative aspect


Taǫtariayi            He cuts the lake in two. (male)


t-                      dualic

-a-                    masculine singular agent – he

-ǫtar-                noun root – lake

-iay-                 verb root – cut, break in two

-i                      stative aspect


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