Oklahoma in Wyandotte: Two Alternative Terms


  • From the Choctaw word that became ‘Oklahoma’


ayǫmeh      d‘      ayętaˀatsih           They are people who are called red.


[ayǫmeh]     they (indefinite) are human beings, people


ay-       indefinite agent – they

-ǫme-  verb root – be humans, Native Americans

-h         stative aspect

d‘                     the, who


ayętaˀatsih   They (indefinite_ are called red.


ay-       indefinite agent – they

-ęt-       noun root – ochre, vermillion (red earth dyes)

-a-        joiner vowel

-ˀatsi-   verb root – be named, called

-h         stative aspect


  • From the Cayuga term ‘at the big river’


yanhdawižuyeh             At the big river


ya-                   feminine-zoic singular agent – it

-nhdaw-           noun root – river

-ižu-                 verb root – be large, great + stative aspect

-yeh                 external locative noun suffix  – at



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