Self-Alone: -ǫm-


The noun root -ǫm- refers to ‘self-alone’, by oneself.  The patient is always the subject.


ayǫmąh            ąˀrąˀ     ayatrǫnyǫmęh              I only had light conversation with myself.

myself              only     I had light conversation


ayǫmąh                myself only


ay-                   1st person singular patient – I, my

-ǫˀm-                noun root – self

-ąh                   noun suffix


sǫmąh              šęterih                                      You alone are familiar with it.

yourself           you are familiar with it


sǫmąh                  yourself


s-                     2nd person singular patient – you (s), yourself

-ǫm-                 noun root – self

-ąh                   noun suffix


haomąh            hątǫngyaˀnǫh                           He made many things by himself.

himself                         he made many things


haǫmąh      by himself


ha-       masculine singular patient – he, himself

-ǫm-     noun root – self

-ąh       noun suffix



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