take, take away

Take and Take Away


Take  -wa-

aˀyawaˀ                She took it.


aˀ-                    factual

-ya-                  feminine-zoic singular agent – she

-wa-                 verb root – take

-ˀ                      punctual aspect

yawaheˀs               She goes to get.


ya-                   feminine-zoic singular agent – she

-wa-                 verb root – take

-h-                    dislocative root suffix

-eˀs                   habitual aspect


Take Self Away – Flee – semi-reflexive + verb root

utemęhąkyeˀ          She goes taking herself away, running away, fleeing.


u-                     feminine-zoic singular patient – she

-te-                   semi-reflexive

-m-                   verb root – take

-ę-                    stative aspect

-hąky-              progressive root suffix

-eˀ                    purposive aspect


usawateˀwah                  She took herself back.


u-                     factual

-s-                    repetitive

-aw-                 factual

-ate-                 feminine-zoic singular agent – she

-ˀwa-                verb root – take

-h                     punctual aspect


ekwateˀwaˀ            We (n) will take ourselves, flee.


e-                     future

-kw-                 1st person inclusive plural agent – we (n)

-ate-                 semi-reflexive

-ˀwa-                verb root – take

-ˀ                      punctual aspect


Take Away, Take From – k(w) – with dualic prefix

tuh       n          ǫndaeˀ              de        teamęh                                     ndi       n          ǫndaeˀ

there    the       that one           if          it will happen there                 I           the       that one

te skyaˀtahk                                         ęndi     de        hiˀnǫˀ               aˀwaˀtuˀtęˀ

I will take it back                                we       the       thunderer         our (x) kind

If that will happen there, I will take that one back to we thunderers.


te skyaˀtahk         I will take one back.


t-                      dualic

-e-                    future

-sk-                  repetitive

-y-                    1st person singular agent + feminine-zoic singular patient – 1 – one

-aˀt-                  noun root – body

-a-                    joiner vowel

-hk                   verb root – take away + punctual aspect


d          uhwaˀ  hǫmętsehtiˀah              tu         utareht

the       other    he is a young boy                    there    he came to a place


aˀtuhkwęˀ                                             d          aˀęndaˀ

fa-du-MA/MP-take away-da-pu

he took it from him                             the       bow

Another young boy came there and took the bow from him.

aˀtuhkwęˀ   He took it from him.


aˀ-        factual

-t-         dual

-u-        masculine singular agent – masculine singular patient – he – he

-hkw-   verb root – take away

-ęˀ        dative root suffix + punctual aspect







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