The Directions in Wyandot

The Six Directions in Wyandot

atuˀye                   in the north, at where it is cold


-atu-           feminine-zoic singular agent ‘it’ + verb root, ‘to be cold’

-ˀye              stative aspect + external locative noun suffix, ‘at’ or ‘on’

asęraˀ                         midday, south


asęr-                feminine-zoic singular agent – it + noun root, ‘midday, south’

-aˀ                    noun suffix

Asęraˀye  haon   She comes from the south- female Bear clan name

[ah-sen-rah-ah-yeh  hah-on]

asęr-            feminine-zoic singular agent, ‘she’ + noun root, ‘noon, south’

-aˀye                external locative noun suffix //

haon                particle, ‘comes from’

atawaˀtukwahs    It is where it (the sun) sets, the west.


at-                    dualic

-aw-                 ?

-aˀtukw-          feminine-zoic singular agent, ‘it’ + verb root ‘ for the sun to set’

-ahs                  habitual aspect

kyundihšrutaˀ   It is where the sun, moon comes to rise, the east.


ky-                   dualic

-u-                    feminine-zoic singular patient – it

-ndihšr-          noun root, ‘sun, moon’

-ut-                  verb root, ‘to stand’

-aˀ                    inchoative root suffix + habitual aspect

yarǫnyaˀye                     At the sky, up.


ya-                   feminine-zoic singular agent – it

-rǫny-              noun root – sky

-a՚ye                external locative noun suffix

ǫmętsaˀye             at, on the earth, down


ǫmęts-             feminine-zoic singular agent – it + noun root – country, earth

-a՚ye                external locative noun suffix

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