The Frequentative in Wyandot

Frequentative Root Suffix

The frequentative root suffix is only found once in the Narratives but is often found in Potier’s dictionary.  As the name suggests, it refers to something being done frequently (more so than is indicated by the habitual aspect).  It only takes the stative aspect, always having the patient as subject.  It takes the form -skǫ-.

hamęskǫ՚              He talks all the time.


ham-                masculine singular patient ‘he’

-ę-                    verb root ‘to say’

-skǫ–                frequentative root suffix

-՚                      stative aspect

ayeriskǫh                     d          ariwaerit                               tataˀu

I frequently wish         the       I accomplished a matter anything                anything


they (ind) asked of me

I frequently wish to accomplish everything that people ask of me.

ayeriskǫh             I frequently wish


ay-                   1st person singular patient ‘I’

-eri-                  verb root ‘to wish’

-skǫ-                frequentative root suffix

-h                     stative aspect


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