The Indefinite Agent

Indefinite Agent

The indefinite agent takes distinctly different forms with each conjugation.  The consonant conjugation takes -e-, the a- conjugation -ǫ-, e- conjugation and o- conjugation take -ay-, while the i- conjugation takes just -a-.

Indefinite Agent with no Patient

eyanyǫˀ         One is cooking (in a pot)


e-                     indefinite agent – one  (consonant conjugation)

-yanyǫ-           verb root – to cook (in a pot)

-ˀ                      stative aspect

ǫtǫndeˀ                 They (ind) are going to become.


ǫ-                     indefinite agent – they  (a- conjugation)

-tǫ-                   verb root – to become

-d-                    dislocative root suffix

-eˀ                    purposive aspect

ayeheˀ                   They (ind) wish, want, think.


ay-                   indefinite agent – they (e-conjugation)

-eh-                  verb root – to wish

-eˀ                    purposive aspect

aihraˀ                    One drinks it.


a-                     Indefinite agent – one (i- conjugation)

-ihr-                 verb root – to drink

-aˀ                    habitual aspect

ayǫmęh                 They (ind) are humans.


ay-                   Indefinite agent – they

-ǫmę-               verb root – to be human (o-conjugation)

-h                     stative aspect

With 1st Person Singular Patient -ǫ(n)y(e)-

ǫnyąkǫhšutandih                      Someone stuck a face at me, invited me.


ǫny-                                         Indefinite agent + 1st person singular patient

-ąk-                                          semi-reflexive voice

-ǫhš-                                        noun root – face

-ut-                                           verb root – to stand

-and-                                        dative root suffix

-ih                                            stative aspect

haˀǫyeˀnǫhšuh                          They (ind) dropped my bag in the water


haˀ-                                          factual

-ǫye-                                        Indefinite agent + 1st person singular patient

-ˀnǫhš-                                     noun root – bag

-u-                                            verb root – to be in water

-h                                             punctual aspect

With First Person Plural Patient  -ǫki-

ǫkižahstęˀ             One is hard on us.


ǫkiž-                indefinite agent + 1st person plural patient – one – us

-ahst-               verb root – to be hard

-ęˀ                    stative aspect

With 2nd Person Singular Patient -es(e)-

ekyesanǫht                                     They (ind) will give you.


e-                                             future

-ky-                                          dualic

-esa-                                        indefinite agent + 2nd person singular patient – they – you

-nǫht                                        verb root – to give + punctual aspect



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