to smoothen

polish, smoothen, grate, plane -(h)wes-


The form  of the verb that does not incorporate a noun has an -h- while the form that incorporates a noun drops the -h-.


yehwes                 I often polish, smoothen, grate.


ye-                   1st person singular agent – I

-hwes               verb root – smoothen + habitual aspect


tayihwesęh           Polish, smoothen, grate it for me.


t-                      imperative

-ayi-                 1st person singular patient – me

-hwes-             verb root – smoothen

-ęh                   dative root suffix + imperative aspect



yetsawesęh           I am polishing a plate.


ye-                   1st person singular agent – I

-ts-                   noun root – plate

-a-                    joiner vowel

-wehs-             verb root – polish

-ęh                   stative aspect


ehahwęyarawes     He will plane a board.


e-                     future

-ha-                  masculine singular agent – he

-hweyar-          noun root – board

-a-                    joiner vowel

-wes-               verb root – plane + punctual aspect


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