use, be useful

Use, be useful -hst-



ihahstaʼ                He uses it often, finds it useful often.


-i-                     partitive

-ha-                  masculine singular agent – he

-hst-                 verb root – use, be useful

.           -aˀ                    habitual aspect



ehšehstahkwaˀ               You (s) will use if for such a purpose.


e-                                 future

-hše-                            2nd person singular agent – you (s)

-hst-                             verb root – use, be useful

-ahkw-                         instrumental root suffix (for such a purpose)

-aˀ                                punctual aspect


wehstaˀtuˀ        n          ǫndaeˀ  eˀskwast                       d          ažayuwerǫˀ

it must not be  the       that      you (p) will use it        the       you would trick, harm them (ind)


You must not use it to trick or harm people.


eˀskwahst             You (p) will use it.


eˀ-                    future

-skwa-             second person plural agent – you (p)

-hst                  verb root – use + punctual aspect


dae       weti     aehst                                        It was useful to all of them.

that      all        it was useful to them(ind)


aehst           It was useful to them (ind ).


a-         factual

-e-        indefinite agent – they

-hst      verb root – be useful + punctual aspect


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