Visit -ndatar-


This is one of the verbs beginning with -nd- that takes different forms for the pronominal prefixes for 1st person and 2nd person singular.


ndatareh              I go, come visit.


ndatar-             1st person singular agent – 1 + verb root – visit

-eh                   purposive aspect


statareh                You (s) go, come visit.


s-                     2nd person singular agent – you (s)

-tatar-               verb root – visit

-eh                   purposive aspect


handatareh            He goes, comes visiting.


ha-                   masculine singular agent – he

-ndatar-            verb root – visit

-eh                   purposive aspect


usayandatarah       She visited again.


u-                     factual

-s-                    repetitive – again

-a-                    factual

-ya-                  feminine-zoic singular agent – she

-ndatar-            verb root – visit

-a                     punctual aspect


eyǫndataraęs       I will come visit you.


e-                     future

-yǫ-                  1st person singular agent + 2nd person singular patient – 1 – you

-ndatara-          verb root – visit

-ęs                    dative root suffix + punctual aspect


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