Words for Valentine’s Day

Words for Valentine’s Day


Heart – -atǫtehšr-


ayatǫhšraˀ            My heart


ay-                   1st person singular patient – my

-atǫtehšr-         noun root – heart

-aˀ                    noun suffix


sayatǫhšraˀ            your (s) heart


s-                     2nd person singular patient – your (s)

-atǫtehšr-         noun root – heart

-aˀ                    noun suffix


Value -ndoron-


yǫndurǫkwah                You (s) are valued by me; I love you.


Yǫ-                              1st person singular agent + 2nd person singular patient – I – you

-ndurǫ-                                    verb root – value

-kw-                             instrumental root suffix

-ah                               habitual aspect




uętaˀ            iyatsitsutęˀ                                It is a red flower, a rose.

red earth          it is a flower of such a nature


uętaˀ                               vermillion, ochre, red earth


u-                                 feminine-zoic singular patient – it

-ęt-                               noun root – vermillion, ochre, red earth

-aˀ                                noun suffix


iyatsitsutęˀ                     It is a flower of such a nature.


-i-                                 partitive – such

-ya-                              feminine-zoic singular agent – it

-tsits-                            noun root – flower

-utę-                             verb root – be of a nature

-ˀ                                  stative aspect








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