Henry Stand

By Jeremy Turner and Sallie Cotter Andrews

Henry Stand was of Wyandotte and Shawnee heritage and lived in the Wyandotte Reservation, Oklahoma.  In 1911 he was 52 years old (born in 1859).  He belonged to the Big Turtle clan and was raised by his uncle, John Whitewing.  John Whitewing was known as “Mudeater” and belonged to the Small Turtle clan of the Wyandottes.

Jeremiah Hubbard was a Friends or Quaker missionary and teacher among the Indian tribes.  He recorded in his book, “The boys and girls, when they got so they could read, would study every minute there was.  One boy by the name of Henry Stand, a Seneca, was the best worker I ever had in my school.  When they got so they could write on their slates they would keep one busy writing copy.”

Jeremiah Hubbard, also recorded that on March 25, 1888, he married Henry Stand, a half Seneca and Wyandotte Indian, and Nancy Smith, a Peoria.   “Uncle Jerry,” as Hubbard was known far and wide, was the “marrying Quaker preacher.”

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