James Schrimpsher

By David Culver and Sallie Cotter Andrews

James Schrimpsher was born in about 1885-86 to John and Hattie Schrimpsher.  Hattie and her one-year-old son are listed on the 1886 Wyandotte census.   James’ father was born in 1863 and his mother was born in 1867.  The 1898 Seneca census shows James as being 15 years of age.  It lists his other siblings including Silas, age 14; Mathias, age 11; Lucy, age 6; Ida, age 4; and Rena, age 2.  James Schrimpsher (Wyandotte) is listed as a student at Carlisle Indian Industrial School (record file 1635 – box 34).  He was also a World War I veteran.  He had an allotment of land, listed as Seneca, No. 274.  In 1917, the trust designation on his allotment expired and was not renewed.  A photograph of his sister, Ida, is included with other Wyandotte photographs in the vintage “Quapaw Agency Indians” booklet compiled and edited in 1947 by Charles Banks Wilson.  The July 7, 1948, Miami Daily News Record lists his obituary which reads:  James Schrimpsher, a member of the Seneca and Wyandotte tribes and a World War I veteran, died at his home southeast of Ottawa Tuesday evening.  He was 63 years of age.    Funeral services will be conducted at the Friends Church in Wyandotte.

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