A Time for Wyandottes to ‘Gather’

By Lloyd Divine

Wyandotte Nation
 Culture Committee Chairman

This year we are celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Wyandotte Nation Pow-Wow. I invite you to come and learn the traditions and history of pow-wow, and how it fits into our Wyandotte culture today. Does pow-wow fit into our culture today? You bet it does!

During the two day activities we will demonstrate the dances of pow-wow, and you can learn to social dance along with essential pow-wow etiquette. Men will make a bandolier and the women will make a shawl; plus, kids will have an age appropriate craft – it’s always good to take something home.

As a special treat this year Wyandotte citizen Robert Franklin is firing up his grill and preparing a feast of mega proportions. Come Thursday evening and enjoy grilled, smoked, and BBQ pork as only Robert can prepare. It is a great time to meet old and make new friends, a perfect time to socialize at the Wyandotte Nation Annual Gathering.

In a more traditional setting, also on Thursday night, we will host a stomp dance. Our great and lasting friends from the Shawnee Tribe are coming to lead and shake. It will be a wonderful time to celebrate being Wyandotte. It will also be a wonderful time to come and show respect and appreciation to our eternal friends – the Shawnee!

Please register online today. We need to know that you are coming so enough food can be prepared and materials purchased for your bandolier and shawl.

Starting this year Culture Days is changing its name to The Gathering. Culture Days has truly become a time to Gather Wyandottes from across this vast country. As our citizens come to Wyandotte for the first time, or return home after being gone a long time, we hope lifelong memories will be made and friendships claimed.

We invite everyone to come! We would like to see citizens that live in the general Wyandotte, Oklahoma vicinity come in unprecedented numbers! Even if you cannot come, or do not desire to come to the daily activities please come to the dinner and stomp dance on Thursday evening. If you feel uncomfortable dancing – NO PROBLEM! I too am uncomfortable dancing – most Wyandottes are! Bring your lawn chair (and mosquito spray) and watch the stomp dance from afar as the unmistakable sound of the shakers fill the Wyandotte evening.

Until the closing of this year’s activities we will continue to refer to The Gathering as Culture Days. The name has become familiar to everyone over the last 10 years, but the time for change has come. The Wyandotte Nation Gathering is calling you to come home.

Please register online at:


See you in September!

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