Be in, take out of the fire

Fire – (put or be) in   -ǫt-


yaˀndaˀtarǫtah             She bakes bread, cakes.


ya-                   feminine-zoic singular agent – she

-ˀndaˀtar-         noun root – bread, cake

-ǫt-                   verb root – put into fire

-ah                   habitual aspect

aˀwatindaˀtarǫtǫnyǫˀ       They (f) baked a lot of bread.


aˀw-                 factual

-ati-                  feminine-zoic plural agent – they (f)

-ndaˀtar-           noun root – bread

-ǫt-                   verb root – be in fire

-ǫnyǫ-              distributive root suffix – a lot

-ˀ                      punctual


hamęruˀtǫtahkwiʼ           He threw straw into the fire.


ham-                masculine singular patient – he

ęruˀt-                noun root – grass, straw

-ǫt-                  verb root – put in the fire

-ahkw-             instrumental root suffix

-iˀ                     stative aspect


ahuˀšrǫtahs                     He put his axe in the fire.


a-                     factual

-hu-                  masculine singular agent + masculine singular patient – he – his

-ˀšr-                  noun root – axe

-ǫt-                   verb root – put in the fire

-ahs                  dative root suffix + punctual aspect


Take out of the Fire – out -ǫrahst- or -urahst-


tsaǫrahstiʼ                      She is taking it, has taken it back out of the fire.


ts-                    repetitive – back

-a-                    feminine-zoic singular patient – she

-ǫrahst-            verb root – take out of the fire

-iˀ                     stative aspect



sawateˀskurahst               She took herself back out of the fire.


s-                     repetitive – back

-aw-                 factual

-ate-                 semi-reflexive voice – self

-ˀsk-                 dummy noun root – body

-urahst             verb root – take out of the fire + punctual aspect





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