Brenda House 2012 Honored Person

Brenda has worked for Wyandotte Nation since July of 1987.  She was originally hired as a cook for the Elder Service program (also known as Title VI).  She was later promoted to Head Cook and progressed her career by becoming the Director of the Title VI program.  Since becoming the director of the Title VI program she has joined many committees to help improve the Elder Services programs.  Brenda spent many countless nights bringing her work home.  She would do paper work and reports as well as make sure that all of us kids did our homework, ate dinner and took our baths before tucking us in at night, and then she had to look forward to getting up and doing it all over again the next day.  She always made herself available for the elders and staff at any time they needed her day or night.  On many occasions she spent the night on the phone with an elder or staff member supporting their needs whether work related or personal.

Over the years with the Wyandotte Nation and Elder Services Program she has taken the elders on numerous trips and events. Such as Bells Amusement Park in Tulsa, OK., The Wildlife Safari and Zoo in Gentry, Ar., and even a trip to Nashville, TN to see the amazing home of Elvis Presley at Graceland.  During these trips she was able to build an even stronger bond with the elders, which is so strong I consider them my additional grandparents.

She has received multiple awards for her continued support as an Elder Services Director.  She is a proud member of the Oklahoma Indian Council, Grand Gateway Area Agency on Aging and NICOA (National Indian Council on Aging) just to mention a few.  She has also been recognized as Title VI director of the year.

Brenda has been such an asset to the Title VI Program and Wyandotte Nation.  She has just celebrated her 25th year of employment with them. And even though she is not a tribal member and doesn’t even have an Indian card, she has been taken under the wing of the Wyandotte Nation and considered part of the family.

Except for her family, Brenda has always put ‘her elders’ first and foremost. She has always gone above and beyond her duty to see that they were treated fairly and that their needs were met to the best of her ability. She was a great boss and is a greater friend. She treats everyone with respect and always sets a good example. Whither at business meetings, conferences or at work in the Center, Brenda is always a model representative of the Wyandotte Nation. Although she has been unable to prove her Native heritage, she is accepted and respected by many people of various Tribes across the country.

Janice Wilson


I have been coming to Wyandotte Center since I retired in 2000. It has become my home away from home.  Brenda House is a very special person for the Elders.  She cares about everyone.  She treats everyone like we are all family, which we are.  She loves each and every one. The food is excellent.

If anyone is ill she calls to check on them and sends cards.  My day is not complete if I can’t come here to see everyone.  She cares about her workers too.  Everyone is so friendly because of their boss.

We Love Brenda House!

Sue Jones


I am one of the Elders that have known Brenda since she started.  She has always been a friend and helpful to each one.  She has gone out of her way on many occasions to satisfy every person.

Brenda has taken us on trips over the years and has been a mother hen to all of us. On one trip I recall she took us to Branson, each person had time to do as they wished – my husband decided to take a helicopter ride, when he got back she was interested enough to talk to him and find out all about it.

She is a very caring and helpful friend!

Evelyn Byrd


In the twenty plus years that we have known Brenda, she has demonstrated these traits:

Ø Makes us seniors feel welcome every time that we visit the nutrition center.

Ø Has a pleasant smile for everyone.

Ø Is full of life, laughter, and stories.

Ø Looks for ways to keep us seniors happy.

Ø Cares about us and takes time to visit always.

Ø Is generous and kind to us all.

Ø Is never too busy to take care of “Her” seniors.

Ø Goes the extra mile to arrange trips and events, for example: A senior night at the center commemorating the 1950’s with a cake walk, dances, games, root beer floats, etc.

Ø Lends a helping hand whether emotional or physical, like helping with our trays, etc.

Ø Has a kind heart and is unselfish.

Ø Is forgiving when we become too loud with our card games and allows us the time to finish that last game.

We thank you Brenda for being there for us seniors.

Pete and Roberta Baker

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