Chief Friend writes letter of endorsement

Voters of District 13
Los Angeles City Council

As Chief of the Wyandotte Nation, I am writing today to declare my strong support for Los Angeles City Council District 13 candidate Mitch O’Farrell. Mitch is a citizen of the Wyandotte Nation and a grandson of Mont Cotter, who served our Nation honorably as Chief on two different occasions and was instrumental in building a foundation for our continued success.

The story of the Wyandotte People is one of determination, perseverance, and faith in our Creator and each other that not only enabled us to survive, but also succeed and produce great leaders throughout our history. I believe Mitch O’Farrell exhibits the same leadership qualities as many of our great leaders of the past and the same spirit of determination,  perseverance, and vision has been instilled in him through his Wyandotte ancestry. Our Nation appreciates the strong values of integrity, honor and service that Mitch O’Farrell embodies.

It is with great pleasure and honor that I both support and endorse Mitch O’Farrell for the Los Angeles City Council District 13.


Billy Friend, Chief
Wyandotte Nation

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