Community Services Block Grant: Request for Public Comment

WYANDOTTE NATION                             

64700 East Highway 60

Wyandotte, OK 74370-2098

(918) 678-2297; FAX (918) 678-2944


COMMUNITY Services Block Grant


Community Services Block Grants (CSBG) provide federal funds to states, territories, and tribes for distribution to local agencies to support a wide range of community-based activities to reduce poverty. These include activities to help families and individuals achieve self-sufficiency, find and retain meaningful employment, attain an adequate education, make better use of available income, obtain adequate housing, and achieve greater participation in community affairs. In addition, many local agencies receive federal funds from other sources and may administer other federal programs.


Wyandotte Nation is applying for a Community Services Block Grant Program. The overall mission and responsibilities of Wyandotte Nation and its CSBG program is to “advance the standard of living of the Tribe…and to promote in any other way the general welfare of the Indians of the Wyandotte Nation.” CSBG-specific goals and objectives for the proposed CSBG funding within the Tribe include, but are not limited to, integrating employment, training, and related services in order to improve the effectiveness of those services; increasing self-sufficiency by addressing and reducing the dependency on public assistance programs and reducing the effects of poverty; developing and enhancing employment opportunities; and facilitating economic development and job creation through support of tribal businesses, investments, employment opportunities, economic development, and other community-building activities.


In fulfilling the Public Hearing requirements as stated in Section 676(e)(2) of the CSBG Act, information regarding the grant program project shall be posted in order for the community to have the opportunity to submit comments.


Any person desiring to make recommendations or suggestions should contact Michael Lowery by email at or by phone at (918) 678-6309.


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