End of Year Supplemental Health (aka Benny card) Information 

*The program year end is 12/31. You will not be able to use your debit card after this date for any expenses for 2020. If you have expenses for 2020 that come in after the first of the year you will need to pay them and file for reimbursement.

*Please call our office to update addresses-918-678-6319, 918-678-6329 or 918-678-6353. We can also answer basic questions about covered expenses.

*For balance inquiries and more detailed coverage questions please call Trustmark 800-990-9058 x42086.

Attached to this post is a flyer with information regarding the Trustmark app. The app is a handy tool. You can check balances, file claims and view claim status.

Click on image to see flyer.

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