Family terms 2

Family Terms #2

1) Aunt (father’s sister, father’s brother’s wife)

ahrahak my aunt (addressing your father’s sister or father’s brother’s wife)

verb root -ahrahak- ‘to be aunt to’

2) Uncle (mother’s brother*)

awatęnǫrǫˀ my uncle (addressing your mother’s brother)

verb root -awatęnǫrǫˀ- ‘to be mother’s brother to’

*For the father’s brother the term for ‘my father’ would be used (see family terms #1)

3) Nephew (sister’s son, man speaking*)

hiwatęˀ my nephew (sister’s son, man speaking)

*For the sister’s son, woman speaking, the term for would be called ‘my child’ (see family terms #1)

4) Niece (brother’s daughter, woman speaking)

iwatęˀ my niece (brother’s daughter, woman speaking*)

verb root –yęwatę-

*For the woman’s sister’s daughter, the term for ‘my child’ would be used (see family terms #1)

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