Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek


Hide -ahseht-

tahatahseht            It is where he hid.


t-                      cislocative

-a-                    factual

-ha-                  masculine singular agent – he

-t-                     semi-reflexive

-ahseht             verb root – hide + punctual aspect


sahseht                 Hide (said to one person)


s-                     imperative + 2nd person singular agent – you

-aseht               verb root – hide + imperative aspect


ihutahsehtih        He is hiding.


i-                      partitive

-hu-                  masculine singular patient – he

-t-                     semi-reflexive

-ahseht-            verb root – hide

-ih                    stative aspect


hęhǫtahsehtahkwaˀ          It will be the place of their (m) hiding.


hę-                   future

-hǫ-                  masculine plural agent – they (m)

-t-                     semi-reflexive

-ahseht-            verb root – hide

-ahkw-             instrumental root suffix

-aˀ                    punctual aspect


Seek, search for -ihša-


tahesaˀatihšakyeˀ   They (m) are coming to look for you (s).


t-                      cislocative

-a-                    factual

-hesa-               masculine plural agent + 2nd person singular patient – they (m) – you (s)

-aˀt-                  noun root – body

-ihš-                 verb root – search for + stative aspect

-aky-                progressive root suffix

-eˀ                    purposive aspect


aˀyǫmąąˀtihšaˀ       They (f) searched for it (an animal).


aˀ-                    factual

-yǫmą-             feminine-zoic plural agent + feminine-zoic singular patient – it

-ąˀt-                  noun root – body

-ihša-               verb root – search for

-ˀ                      punctual aspect


iwihšas                 She is searching for it.


iw-                   partitive

-ihša-               feminine-zoic singular agent – she + verb root – search

-s                     habitual aspect


ahariwihšaˀ           He searched for, inquired about a matter.


a-                     factual

-ha-                  masculine singular agent – he

-riw                  noun root – matter

-ihša-               verb root – search

-ˀ                      punctual aspect






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