Law Enforcement

Tribal law enforcement is a very complex job. Officers must be familiar with tribal, state and federal laws, and know when to apply each of them. To make it even more complicated, our tribal police enforce municipal ordinances in their role as Wyandotte police officers. They wear a variety of hats and carry commission cards from the Wyandotte Nation, the Town of Wyandotte, City of Fairland, Eastern Shawnee Tribe, Ottawa County Sheriff, and the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

The police department is responsible for protecting the assets of the Nation and providing a safe and secure environment for residents, employees, and visitors to the area. Various ongoing projects include management of Emergency Management, the Traffic Safety Program, Sex Offender Registry Implementation, Community Policing, Tribal Justice/Court Implementation, Safe Schools, Drug Education Programs, and the Crime Prevention Programs.

Officers patrol the 34 sq. mi. Original Land Grant area in highly visible marked vehicles to deter criminal activity. Speed limits in and around tribal properties are strictly enforced and tribal housing communities are frequently patrolled. Tribal officers are on duty, and available to provide emergency response, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Wyandotte Nation Tribal Police Officers proudly represent the Wyandotte Nation and serve to protect the citizens of our community. They value public input and are currently looking for volunteers to serve on a Community Advisory Board. Please contact the Chief of Police at 918-678-2297 if you’re interested in being a member of the Board.

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