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“Let’s Eat” and Related Words in Wyandotte

The Wyandotte language has an interesting way to say “let’s”. Take the word Kyaraskwaˀ meaning “Let’s (the two of us) leave.” Here is how you would break this word down:

Ky- we two (including the person you are talking to)
-araskwa- verb root meaning ‘to live’
-ˀ imperative suffix

Now, if you are talking to more than one person that you want to leave with you, you would say:
Kwaraskwaˀ Let’s (more than two of us) leave.

Regarding the subject of eating, as far as I have discovered, you can’t just say in Wyandotte, “Let’s eat”. You have to say what it is you want to eat. If you want to eat corn, you say:

Kyanęhayažaˀ Let’s you and I eat corn!
Kwanęhayažaˀ Let’s (the group of us) eat corn!

The words here use the verb form –yaža- for eating, and the noun root –nęh- for corn.
Now, if you wanted to eat ribs you would use the noun root -yęhs- (sometimes –ihs-):

Tihsayažaˀ Let’s you and I eat ribs!
Kwęhsayažaˀ Let’s (the group of us) eat ribs!

If you wanted to ask someone to dance in Wyandotte, you would say the following:

Kyandrawaˀ Let’s you and I dance!

If you wanted to go dancing with a group of friends, you would say:

Kwandrawaˀ Let’s the group of us dance!

Symbols Used:
ę nasal vowel –en-
ž zh (as in Doctor Zhivago)
ˀ glottal stop, as said twice in ‘uh uh’

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