Long Building Dedication

On Friday, January 21, 2011 the Wyandotte Nation held a dedication ceremony for a new building. This building has been named the “Long Building” in honor of Juanita (Long) McQuistion. Mrs. McQuistion has served on the Board of Director’s off and on for 30-40 years. Juanita has also served as the Tribe’s Historian and has been to Washington D.C. and the National Archives to retrieve Tribal artifacts. She worked diligently in the 1970’s to assist with rebuilding the Tribal Roll when the Tribe was reinstated as a Federally Recognized Tribe under the Indian Reorganization Act. All of her time over the many years has been volunteered and she is always willing to assist both Tribal employees and Tribal members in need of historical information.

Numerous members of the Long family were on hand for the dedication. Patty Garrison, niece of Juanita, presented her with a picture of her father, Grover Long. The photo was taken in approximately 1902 while Mr. Long was attending the Carlisle Indian Industrial School. The beautifully framed photo will hang in the lobby of the Long Building. Juanita stated at the ceremony “I just wanted to say that I wanted to thank the Wyandotte Tribe and Nation and I’d like to thank Chief Bearskin and our Second Chief Billy Friend. I am just proud to be a Wyandotte and glad I had the chance to do what I did. I had a lot of help along the way from the personnel. I really appreciate them and all they did because we have great personnel here. I love my tribe and I want to thank our Creator”.

The Long Building was funded with the revenue from tribal businesses and will house all casino operations and small business operations such as accounting, human resources and administrative services.

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