Merry Christmas



Jesus Ahatǫgyaˀ    Jesus, he is born


Ahatǫgyaˀ   He is born, newly-made.


a-         factual

-ha-      masculine singular agent – he

-t-         semi-reflexive voice

-ǫngy- verb root – make

-aˀ        punctual aspect


Sǫtaręh Jesus Ahatǫgyaˀ         Be happy, Jesus, he is born (Merry Christmas)

[son-tah-rehn Jesus Ah-ha-ton-gyah-ah]


sǫtaręh                  Be on top of life, be happy.


s-                     imperative + 2nd person singular patient – you (s)

-ǫt-                   noun root – life

-a-                    joiner vowel

-r-                    verb root – be on top

-ęh                   imperative aspect



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